Friday, October 19, 2007

Making Molehills out of Mountains

I do a lot of workouts in Griffith Park. That's good: It is close to where I live and is very scenic. Jon and Gerald do a lot of workouts in Griffith Park. That's bad: Jon likes to take us biking up the hills and Gerald likes to take us running up the hills.

Remember the closed trails we ran on? It seems that they're spraying the hills with some magic chemical to create a moisture barrier so that water won't sink deep into the soil and cause landslides or something like that. The trails will be closed for a year. I don't quite understand it, but if you walk on the treated soil, it ruins the barrier and apparently they are handing out nasty fines to people running on the trails (they'd have to catch us first!) So we can't do those hill runs any more. Awe, pity.

During our Tuesday morning bike ride, when we tried to turn off of the main road to climb to the top of the mountain we were stopped by some worker who told us the access road was closed. We couldn't do the hill climb. Awe, pity.

Is Griffith Park undergoing a major renovation? Or are exhausted triathletes bribing park workers to make up stories and have them close down anything with an incline?

I'll never tell.


Blogger Iradoman said...

Well you were not there last Wednesday... WHY?

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