Friday, February 16, 2007

The End Is Near

I went to the bike store to pick up a second water bottle cage, and ran into Species 8274 and "USA Triathlon certified Level 1 Coach and USA Cycling certified Club Coach" Brandon. Both are accomplished triathletes and cyclists, and they invited me join them for a group ride tomorrow. I told them I couldn't make it, because I had a rough workout scheduled with IronmAnnie, doing the 4-hour bike and 2-hour run, and I was worried about it.

I was expecting (and hoping) that they would lie to me:
"Wow, sounds like a really good workout!"
"You'll do great!"

Instead, they both sort of cringed:
"Oh.... man, that sounds rough."
"4-hour bike? Most people would only run 30 minutes after that... maybe 45"
"At least you picked a hot day for it."

Now then, when you see two Ironmen wincing at your training plans, it sort of makes you wonder if this is such a good idea after all...



Blogger Cliff said...


If u can do handle a 4 hr bike ride + 2 hr run..a half ironman is a walk in the park :)...

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Jon said...

we meant, loooong recovery and prone for injuries after a 4h bike and 2 h run. It mess you up for several days and doesn't have a whole lot of value to it. If it has mental value then yes, do it. If you do it because you think it is a great workout, then read latest triathlete mag, the very same questions was raised in one of the Q&A sessions.

However, great to hear it went really well. WF will be a piece of cake if it wasn't for all the hills on the bike and the run, so start simulating similar training conditions since your current training on flats will be very different. WF bike course starts with a nice climb, then it has a very nice climb around 42 mile mark. The run is worse, much worse. First 6-7 miles is all steep hills.

9:33 AM  

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