Friday, December 29, 2006

Big Ben

You may recall some of my... "issues" regarding my small watch. I told my mother I could use a new watch for Christmas, one for daily wear (as opposed to a tri-watch.)

My kind-hearted mother bought me a nice watch, but it is... gargantuan.

For someone who is physique-challenged, the thing looks ridiculous on my wrist.

I went to the mall to return it, and while I was there I was getting really curious about how much this thing actually weighed. So how do you weigh something at the mall? I went to the candy store and when the clerk wasn't looking I dropped it on the candy scale. (hey, it worked.)

.33 lbs.

This thing is 1/3 pound. That's heavier than a video iPod. You want to carry an iPod on you wrist all day long? I don't think so. I suppose I could get a constant left-arm workout lugging it around all day, but that would cause to me to always swim to the left.

I couldn't find any watches that fit me well (although the women's section had some nice options) so I'm going to try a different store.


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