Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mister Mortified

Yesterday I was a tad upset that my artificially-created tri-hero was cancelling his appearance at our Triathlon Movie screening. (see next post.) But I still went to see the film. I was waiting in the lobby outside the screening room when Tri Team Leader Nabil showed up with the director of the movie. He introduced us: "Mister P., this is Peter Han. Peter, this is the guy with the blog."


Nabil showed the director my blog entry. The one where I called the star of his film "Peter the Not-So-Great". The one where I scribbled all over a photo of a 3-time Ironman Champion. The one where I said his rival Tim DeBoom wouldn't cancel on us.

You would think that pedalling is an important skill to have to be a successful triathlete. Trust me when I say that's nothing compared to being able to BACK-pedal. So I'm standing there like an idiot trying to tell this guy how it was all a big joke (false) and that I was still really looking forward to seeing his film (true). But most of all I was trying to convince him that I wasn't some sort of psycho. You can imagine how successful I was with that.

Of course I felt even worse during the movie. There on screen was this quiet, easy-going guy talking about the frustrations of the sport and I'm thinking "hmmm... maybe I shouldn't call him 'Stupid Peter Reid'". Bah.

The director was very, very cool about the whole thing, and he was the one apologizing to me that Peter Reid couldn't make it. I haven't received any restraining orders yet, so I think I'm OK. I can only hope that Peter Reid himself doesn't hear about it. (Peter, don't worry, you still rock!)

I'll review the film later, once my blood starts circulating again.


Blogger nancytoby said...

LOL! That's funny!! At least you didn't cut Peter's head off in the photo or stick voodoo needles in him or anything....

1:36 PM  
Blogger Iron Pol said...

How much you want to bet that the director guy just might be well aware of your frustrations. While he has to be gracious and be supportive of Reid's inability to make the appearance, he is the one who has to face the disappointed fans.

While not his fault, he is in a difficult position. He may well have reacted the same way you did, in the safety of his head.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Steven said...

That is funny. I'm looking forward to seeing that film.

3:48 PM  
Blogger Cliff said...

:).. was the film by the way...i am so looking forward to seeing it.

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess I don't understand the nature of your complaint. You didn't suffer any detriment.
You got to see a cool movie, for free, at your workplace, while other arranged everything.
All you had to do was walk in, sit down, watch. You seem to feel entitled to have Peter come meet you, sign an autograph and pat your back.
The truth is that many people would love the opportunity to watch this movie right now and you're one of the privileged few who got an advance screening. Perhaps you should enquire as to how this even happened in the first place. Who was at the genesis of the very idea that What It Takes should be shown there. The answer to that would likely surprise you.

2:40 PM  
Blogger Mister P. said...

Methinks "anonymous" doesn't know me very well. This blog originated because I got a wedgie wearing a wetsuit. Clearly this is not a blog which should be taken too seriously.

But I do know some of the history of why we got to see the movie. My tri team is part of a major Hollywood studio. We were thrilled to get to see the movie, but Director Peter Han was hardly making a big sacrifice for us; he's trying to find a studio to pick up his film so this was a great opportunity for him as well. The evening was a win-win.

I do not feel entitled to hear Peter Reid speak. But when we find out about the cancellation with about 8 hours notice, then yes, I think it's fair to be a little upset about it. My frustration is not proportional to the simple act of the cancellation; it's in proportion to how excited I was about this evening for the past month.

Me also thinks that anonymous knows more than he/she is letting on.

3:38 PM  
Blogger theseamonster said...

So picture this: I walk up to Mr. P. to say hi just after Nabil said something about Mr. P. being the blog guy... classic!

I really enjoyed the film. It's interesting in that you get an inside glimpse into the world of elite Ironman distance pros and the seclusion and/or separation from family that they endure during their training. It was also interesting to see what they have to do to prepare for a race. The autograph signings, the questions about winning over and over... I don't envy that.

For me, whether or not Peter showed didn't matter... we had our own Ironman guys in the room to look up to :-)

3:50 PM  

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