Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Amazing Race

If you read any of the tri-mags you've probably heard of Sarah Reinertsen. Last year she became the first female above-the-knee amputee to finish the Ironman. I competed with her last week in the New York City Triathlon. (I just love being able to say that. We ran along 72nd street together but no, I didn't say anything.) Well now she's taking on a bigger challenge and will be on the next season of The Amazing Race!

The Amazing Race is the class act in the world of cheesey reality TV, and it's only going to be cooler to watch with Sarah in it.

More on Sarah: I Am Sarah
More on the Race: tv.ign.com


Blogger Iron Pol said...

Sarah is running the Oshkosh Area Triathlon, and also doing a training run with our tri club the Friday before.

I plan on asking if she will be in my "Transition Olympics" picture for Kahuna's contest. It has to score big points to have her in the picture.

By the way, how'd she do? I figure she's going to stomp my rear in the swim. I might make up ground on the bike. Not sure about the run.

1:06 PM  
Blogger Mister P. said...

She finished 3 out of 3 in her division; the other finishers were male.

Sarah Reinertsen
Swim: 27:02
Bike: 1:59:46
Run: 93:05
Total: 4:07:35

1:32 PM  

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