Friday, October 29, 2010

Kona Race Report: T1

Typically I'm not very fast in transition, but I made a concerted effort to improve for Ironman. The biggest thing I did was simplify: I decided 2 months ago nit to wear gloves (thanks, Gary). I would wait until I was on my bike to drink. I wouldn't put on sunscreen. All of these little things add up so I got rid of them.

One thing I did not give up was my headsweats bandana thin gee. I have very little natural sun protection on my head (ie hair) so the headsweats is a must. But somehow it got turned inside-out in my transition bag and for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to out it on. First I put It on backwards, then upside down. I probably lost 20 additional seconds working out that puzzle.

My biggest time sink in transition is that I like to pee in T1. I refuse to pee in the water or while moving on the bike. And although I wanted a good T1 time, I knew it would be better to go now than have to stop during the bike. So I lost probably a minute there, but that's non-negotiable.

5:58 T1 time. Respectable enough.


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