Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Final Playlist

I did my final “long” run, which was more of a medium-run because I’m tapering. The last run needs an extra special playlist on your iPod, and this is what I went with. It’s an odd mix of 80’s bubblegum, old-school metal, and yes, showtunes:

Sunchyme - Dario G
Hold Back the Rain - Duran Duran
The Hand That Feeds - Nine Inch Nails
Together in Electric Dreams - The Human League
Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden
No More Words - Berlin
Stick to the Status Quo - High School Musical
Finale from Fantasmic - Disneyland
The Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden
Praise You - Fatboy Slim
Defying Gravity - Wicked
Groovin’ & Movin’ - London Bus Stop
Situation - Yaz
Heaven - Angels & Airwaves
Everybody Rejoice - The Wiz


Blogger Brad said...

Technically, "Electric Dreams" is a Philip Oakey song. That said, I have seen and heard The Human League perform it in concert.

I am okay with this mix. Far be it from me to criticize other people's running music - heck, I like ABBA for long runs.

9:27 PM  
OpenID tryphoon said...

While I am utterly shocked to discover after all this time that you listen to Nine Inch Nails (and dare badmouth it when coming out of my office), I must admit that seeing Duran Duran and High School Musical next to Iron Maiden and NIN baffles me a tiny bit...
Have you tried running with the Economist's podcasts? I find it fantastic to simply forget about what you're doing! :)

3:19 PM  

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