Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to the beach

After last week's aborted ocean swim, I went back to Zuma to try and clear out my bad mojo. I was a little nervous after taking a quick "warm up" dip; the water was VERY cold. The lifeguard told us the water was 61 degrees which is not quite Coeur D'Alene-cold but is getting close. So I was starting to worry not only about today's swim but also having to deal with the cold in Wisconsin. (Turns out, the current lake temperature in Madison is about 72 degrees. It's a freaking bath tub.)

The ocean was choppy again - a boat capsized later that morning - so it was not an easy swim. But I didn't freak out and I was zig-zagging through the water just like old times. I was still pretty slow though.

Mentee George wanted to do a 30-mile ride after the swim, instead of the normal 18-mile race course. I did a long run the day before and had a long run the following day so at first I said no way. But I figured the extra miles would do me good. The ride out was pleasant enough, but coming back we hit the wind. The typhoon that gave us the choppy swim and capsized the boat? Was doing the same thing to us on the bike. It's not a good feeling be blown into traffic lanes. Still, I'm glad we went for the longer ride, even if it makes me look bad because my mentee is the one pushing me to train harder.

Back in the parking lot, Steve noticed that I put my Flashpoint wheels on my new bike. I told him "oh, THAT was a problem!" Newbie Laura was there and was excited to hear a Wedgie story firsthand. I explained the complicated story and said that I wasn't sure how to blog about it. Disappointed Laura said "yeah... to be honest I was getting pretty bored." So suffice it to say I had an adventure swapping my wheels, but it's a little confusing and not very interesting.


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I say you write it, and be as beastly to that bike shop as possible!

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