Tuesday, July 07, 2009

BAD ride

My bike group has a ride every Tuesday morning from 6:30-8:00. I am working a Summer Hours schedule and have to be at work by 8:00, so I've been skipping the rides. Today I decided it would be better to join them for 45 minutes than not at all, so I went.

The rides are in Griffith Park, which is adjacent to Forest Lawn Cemetey. Which is where the King of Pop is having a memorial service this morning. I chose to skip the intervals or whatever silly training the group was doing and ride over to Forest Lawn. I just wanted to see the madhouse that was forming there. I knew the roads would be closed to automobiles, but I figured a harmless guy on a bicycle could ride through.

No such luck. There was an army if police officers blocking the final road to Forest Lawn. I climbed up Trash Truck hill hoping to get a view from the top, but the way the road winds around the hills I couldn't see anything.

It wasn't a total loss however. At Travel Town, where the police were turning people away, I saw a huge floral arrangement. The banner read "I miss you Michael - Love, Paris Hilton".

Now then, am I to believe that Paris Hilton had flowers delivered to the side of the road by Travel Town? Really? I suppose it's possible the delivery guy wasn't allowed to get any closer and just tried to make the best of the situation. But it just seems a little too surreal to me.


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