Sunday, January 01, 2006


So it's the new year and all that. I'm not really into resolutions, but these are "things I'd like to do in the new year":

1. Do a half-marathon. I'm supposed to do one next weekend, so this will hopefully get crossed off the list pretty quickly. I've never run that far before.

2. Do a marathon. I'm still shooting for the L.A. Marathon in March, but I am slightly behind in my training already because of the holidays.

3. Do an olympic triathlon. 1 mile swim, 25 mile bike, 6 mile run (1.5k/40k/10k) I think this distance is going to be the sweet spot for triathlons. It's long enough to be challenging, but not so long that you have to train for months ahead of time. (that is, once you work up to doing the first one.)

4. Run a 22-minute 5K. I'm not a fast runner. My 5k pace is about the same as my 10k pace and even my 8 or 9-mile pace. I need to speed up on shorter runs.

5. Volunteer at an event. Volunteers are great; I figure it's time I start returning the favor.

6. Hit X% bodyfat. I have a number for X, I just don't want to share it. The point is I may be running more but I'm still pretty soft around the middle. And the edges.


Anonymous The Sea Monster said...

Congrats on your 1/2 marathon! That was awesome. OK, for item 3. Do an olympic triathlon. 1 mile swim, 25 mile bike, 6 mile run. Dude, I did one of these and you bike and run way faster than I do! You're soooo there.

You'll do fine. Pendleton is a great first olympic (well, what do I know, it's the only olympic I've done).

If I can do it...


12:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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