Thursday, December 29, 2005

Running on the Left Side of the Road

I do most of my runs in Griffith Park. It's nice, but on Sunday I got lost and wound up on a more scenic route. I had my camera with me and took some photos:

Buckingham Palace? Big Ben? I must have been REALLY lost.

I was in London over the holidays and did a city run. I've also done runs in Barcelona and Paris, and they're great ways to see cities. I have to give Londoners credit: there were joggers everywhere, throughout the entire day. I saw them in the freezing cold when we first left the hotel in the morning. They were still out there in the freezing cold long after sunset. i did think it was odd how many of them were out there in shorts and t-shirts while I was bundled up in thermal layers. Either our neighbors across the pond are far more hardcore than I am, or the Brits still haven't discovered long-sleeve technology.


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