Thursday, December 01, 2005

Darkness falls across the land

I just can't do mornings. It's too tough getting up early to run, so I'm trying to shift to night time runs. Griffith Park has too much traffic to run in at night so I've been going to the Rose Bowl after work. It's a little out of the way, but it's a good 3 mile loop and there are lots of other people there.

There are some pretty dark sections of the road. Dark enough that I cannot see the road directly in front of me and I have to just take steps of faith that I won't trip over a rock or stick. There is some light automobile traffic to deal with as well. I wear a bright, solid white shirt and have a battery-powered flashing light which I clip to the bak of my hat, so I think I'm pretty visible. It amazes me how many people are there wearnig dark jeans and black sweatshirts. Literally solid dark colors from head to toe. And many of them are pushing dark strollers in the street! Look lady, I don't want anything to happen to your kid but if you get hit by a car I'm not exactly going to nominate you for Mother of the Year.

I don't think I'm going to settle on one place to do my midweek runs. They both have their pros and cons.

Evening Rose Bowl:
Darker, longer drive
Warmer, can sleep in late

Morning Griffith Park:
Bright, short drive
Colder, have to get up early


Anonymous neil said...

can I ask what is cold for a morning in LA?

6:41 PM  
Blogger Mister P. said...

Um... yeah... well... "cold" lately has been in the 50s. I guess I won't get much sympathy on this one!

9:14 PM  
Blogger The Spandex-King said...

50's!!!!! I'd run in my underwear if it was 50 here. It was 7 this morning!! Of course it will warm up in to the teens later today. (Wisconsin) Neoprene Wedgie! I love it!! We should team up.

Neoprene Wedgie and Spandex King.
What a team name!!

6:54 AM  
Anonymous neil Epstein said...

wow, from someone who is originally a fellow east coast boy, I'd expect more from you. It's not even going to hit 50 as a high today.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Mica said...

Why don't you get a headlamp so you can see in front of you?

I'm with you about the temps - 50 is cold!

7:59 AM  

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