Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let the Boycott Begin

A couple weeks ago I sent a letter to Mars, Inc. complaining about some damaged m&ms. They replied:

Now then... I wasn't expecting a HUGE response from them, but I was hoping somebody at Mars would have put a little thought into it. After all, even if you they didn't know a thing about triathlons, my letter had to be at least a welcome change of pace from the countless "I found rat droppings in my candy" complaints that I'm sure they get all the time.* The perfect response in my opinion would have been for them to send me some small bags of individually colored m&ms. I told them which colors I was using, and it would have been a creative reply. They did not do that. They sent me coupons for six bucks worth of candy. That doesn't even cover the cost of the original crappy bag that I bought in the first place. At the very least, they could have personalized the letter with a quick "good luck with your race" note. They did not do that.

Therefore, I NO LONGER ENDORSE M&M CANDIES AS PART OF AN IRONMAN TRAINING DIET. You should switch to Reeses Pieces instead.

*I do not have substantial proof that every bag of m&ms candy contains rat droppings.


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