Friday, April 16, 2010

Ten Thoughts About Kona

1. I am painfully aware of what a big deal this is. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

2. I was SOOOO good the past few months paying off my credit cards and being more financially responsible. So much for that.

3. I've already started browsing for merchandise. OH MY GOD I get to buy a 2010 Ironman World Championships Finisher's jacket!

4. I've never been to Hawaii. Now I'm going twice in four months. Isn't that a bit excessive?

5. I am embarrassed by the amount of support I've already been getting.

6. The bike is really REALLY going to suck.

7. In the worst-case scenario, if I didn't finish Coeur d'Alene or Wisconsin I could always try again the following year. I will get one shot at Kona.

8. There goes my relaxing summer.

9. With other Ironman races, you sign up a year in advance; you have one year to prepare mentally. I have 6 months. That seems way too soon.

10. After doing three Ironmans, including Kona, I have to be DONE, right?


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