Monday, July 28, 2008

Ironman Oregon?

I was away on vacation for a few days and I missed a big email chain about the news of a possible Ironman Oregon event. Annie and Robert mentioned it at lunch after an ocean swim Saturday, so when I got home I looked it up. I use a Google tool called "Inquisitor" which auto-fills as you type and can send you straight to the website without returning the list of Google search results. As soon as it brought up "Ironman Oregon" I said "Go" and it brought me to this page:

I know the event is still a year away, but I just don't think I can be ready.

As far as an Oregon triathlon goes, people seem to think I'd be fer it but I'm agin' it. For starters, Oregon is going to look a LOT like Coeur d'Alene. Lots of trees, lakes, hills... not that there's anything wrong with that but why not try something a little different? The other problem is that I want to attend all of the U.S. Ironman events, either as a spectator or a competitor. So far I've been to 3 out of 7. Now they want to add an eighth? Ugh.

This event would be big for my Tri Team. It's relatively close for people who don't want to fight the winds of Arizona. But we don't know if it will become an event or not. Wisconsin is a little over a month away... Should people sign up for that, or hold off and hope that Oregon moves forward? And what happens if I sign up for Wisconsin, and then 4 months later Oregon gets the green light and everyone goes there? Too much stress.

To quote the wisdom of High School Musical, "No no no no, stick to the status quo. It is better by far to keep things as they are, don't mess with the flow no no. Stick to the status quo."


Blogger greyhound said...

Disney is everywhere! Even the tri blogs! You had to go to the High School Musical card, didn't you?

**Father of tweenage daughter runs screaming maniacally from the room**

11:39 AM  
Blogger Cliff said...

At least you get to wear a G string in this Ironman..

well..u can also wear one when u are racing too..

6:17 AM  
Blogger TRI Vortex said...

Hey I can compete. I mean if you consider all the bulges and valleys from the fat. ha

5:10 PM  

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