Saturday, June 24, 2006

Motion of the Ocean

Our Tri Team had our first ocean swim of the season today. There were some good things and some bad things.

The good: I felt very confident in the water. Granted, the waves were pretty calm today but even the simple act of looking back at the shore and realizing how far out you are can cause some... trepidation. Today I felt safe and secure.

The bad: I'm a lousy swimmer. OK, I know, the fact that I'm doing ocean swims in the first place must mean I have some skill. Fine. But I am very ineffecient. I sort of already knew I had some problems; today reinforced it. I'll go all out and say I'm actually a pretty good breather; 13 years of playing trumpet, plus marathon training, plus cutting back to just 1 pack a day (kidding) helps with managing airflow. Unfortunately, the effecient lungs are being countered by all the wild flailing of the arms. IronAndre gave me some dead-on pointers in the water; understanding his advice and being able to FOLLOW his advice are two entirely different things.

I was supposed to do a 9-mile run today as well, but it was 87 degrees and rising when I hit mile 6 and I thought that was good enough.


Blogger Iron Pol said...

The whole breathing thing is the easy part. Like you said, being a marathoner helps with the effective breathing thing.

For me, it's the process of actually breathing AIR that is the challenge. Things begin to go badly when I take a breath and get the quick reminder that I don't have gills.

9:17 AM  

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