Monday, October 04, 2010

Scary Gary

So there's this guy "Gary" I've mentioned before who rides with us a lot. He is the definitive "nicest, easiest-going guy you'd ever want to ride with." But he's an animal on the bike. He qualified for and raced Kona, and one night during dinner he asked me if I wanted to hear about his race experience.

Absolutely! I had never sat down and spoken with anyone who had done the race before, and this sounded like a great chance to get some insight into the course. I was looking forward to hearing about some tips and tricks for handling the race, as well as being inspired by hearing about his amazing experience.

Gary summed up his race thusly: "It brought me to tears."

I paused for a moment, wondering what he meant. Ah, the magic of the island! This was THE Ironman, the mystical race that must have so overwhelmed him with emotion that he couldn't help but cry, just to be a part of it. Was that what brought Gary to tears?

"No, it's just really really hard."

So wait a minute... This mountain goat who rides circles around me going up hills was reduced to a blubbering pile of spandex and carbon fiber when he did Kona.. What possible chance do I have?!!

Needless to say I didn't go back to Gary for more advice about Kona. I think I learned everything I need to know. Not true, he has given me pointers for the race and thankfully never showed me the photo of him crying on the course. I'll wait until after the race to see just how bad shape he was in. 


Blogger monica said...

note to self: NEVER ask gary about kona.

hey are you there yet???

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