Thursday, May 31, 2007

Measuring Standard

One of the new people on our Tri Team was telling me about the June Lake Triathlon he'll be doing this summer. It's up by Mammoth Mountain, where I ski frequently, and I always thought it would be interesting to visit the area "off-season." They describe the Olympic Distance course thusly: "This is a very challenging run course on trail...On par with Wildflower but at 8000 feet!" It kind of made me feel good inside to see how they used Wildflower (which I recently completed) as the definititve difficult course to compare with.

Will I be going up to Mammoth this summer? Certainly not! I don't care if it's "only" half the distance of Wildflower; there's no oxygen at 8000 feet and I've suffered enough for a while.


Blogger Paul said...

Yup. Racing at altitude is tough for us sea level peeps. fuggedaboutit! :)

10:09 AM  
Blogger Kewl Nitrox said...

Hey there, chanced upon your blog while searching for some reviews on the Flashpoint FP60s. How do you like them?

Congrats on Wildflower. Even from way over in Singapore, I have read that it is a tough, tough course. Kudos for finishing. I like your "Race to finish, not for time" attitude. I would do well to remember that for my 1st O.D. Tri in 8 weeks.

God Bless!

6:42 AM  

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